Online Tools for the Job Search

With today’s job search becoming longer and more complicated, I wanted to share a few of my favorite online tools that make the search just a little easier.  Good news:  all are offered at no cost, though a few offer upgrades for a small fee.   and

Both JibberJobber and JobKatch offer excellent  tools to organize and keep track of the large amount of data gathered through the course of a job search including networking contacts, job leads, company information, and interviews scheduled.   JobKatch is in Beta while JibberJobber has been around for awhile.

Nearly every job seeker has at one time been frustrated by the black hole of the online job search.   Complaints abound regarding the countless hours spent submitting online applications but hearing absolutely nothing back (hence, the reference to the “black hole”).  The mission of StartWire is to solve the “black hole” syndrome of job boards by providing updates about the status of online applications. With StartWire, job seekers that apply for jobs can track all of the jobs that they apply for and have real-time updates on where those applications stand.  Currently, StartWire (in Beta) works with 5100+ companies, and the number is growing.

Wordle is a tool for creating “word clouds’ from text.  In the cloud, more prominence is given to words that appear more frequently in the source text.  When applying to posted positions, this can be a helpful way to quickly see key words in a job description. 


A multi-media online resume can help job seekers differentiate themselves and present a more compelling picture of  their background and skills. A  Visual CV might include a video intro, pictures, and work samples.

The aim of Vizibility is to allow anyone to customize personal Google search results so the right ones, the top 5 that you select, are what someone sees when they click on your Vizibility link.  Vizibility provides a Searchme link that can be included in an email signature, résumé, blog or website. 

What are your favorite online tools for the job search?   



  1. Hi Dorie, thanks for mentioning! We’d welcome any of your readers and clients to check out and try our services to help organize the massive amount of information you collect in a job search. Also, many users continue to use JibberJobber once they land, as it is also a personal relationship manager. You can learn more on one of my user webinars:

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